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Our Providers

Dr. James Stavosky, D.P.M

(Only at Seton Wound Care Center Tues )

James Stavosky is a Podiatrist and the owner of Daly City Podiatry. Happily married and has two beautiful sons...

Dr. Bruce Dobbs, D.P.M

( Only in office Tue & Thurs / Weds morning)

(Does not accept HMO)

Dr. Bruce Dobbs has been serving the Daly City community for Podiatric care for the past forty-years...



Dr. Varsha Ivanova, D.P.M

( Open to scheduling appointments)

We are happy to announce a new podiatric doctor into the DCPG family. More information will updated soon!

Office Team

"Our goal is to help our patients meet their specific needs."

Saydi M.


 Manager | Podiatric Assistant 

| Surgery Scheduler | MA| Billing Manager


Cindy T.


Administrative Medical Assistant | Billing assistant 

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