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Durable Medical Equipment

There are many different solutions designed to create stability and improve mobility for people with a broad range of foot conditions that is why Daly City Podiatry Group is partnered with a orthotic lab  created to produce high-quality, custom diabetic inserts, shoe modifications, and toe fillers that provide a customized solutions. 

If You Have...
You Are Responsible For...
Our Staff Will...

Insurance Plan with whom we have a contract...

If the services you receive are covered by the plan: patient portion (co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, etc.) on, before or after date of dispensing appointment


If the services you receive are not covered by the plan: Payment in full on, before or after date of delivery is required.

Depending of  your insurance plan submit your insurance claim for authorization.

*PPO (Private insurances) Patient will have to contact insurance to ensure podiatric coverage/eligibility.

Code Billed: L3000 x 2 ( we do not switch procedure codes or add code modifications)

The following information is provided as a courtesy to clarify your financial responsibility related to professional services provided by Daly City Podiatry Group. This document does not cover all situations and should not be construed to be an all-inclusive listing of all possible situations. If a specific payer contract (including Medicaid, Worker’s Comp) is in conflict with any of the policies shown, then the payer contract will supersede the conflicting policies.

Your patient portion is subject to change based on final claim determination by your insurance carrier.

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Behind the Process and Technology: Custom Equipment

Working with cutting edge technology at Daly City Podiatry  Group we use a Scan Mobile which captures  3D images through an occipital camera. Markers are then positioned on the foot image to determine appropriate sizing.  Modifiers added by conditions and/or recommendations of podiatrist. The 3D image is sent to the lab where they begin the manufacturing process.

To ensure the proper assembly each insert/orthotic is assembled by hand, inspected, and packaged before leaving the Custom Fabrication Lab to be shipped to the clinic. There is a 8-10 week turnaround time, once received we will contact patient to schedule a dispensing appointment.

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